Invite users

Once your HiveLink model is ready to share with your users you can easily send them email invitations to get started.


Change the way people discover and access your model

By default, your model is not accessible publicly. To change the way users discover and access your model click the Manage users and permissions button from the model webpage.

Manage model users and permissions

From the model dashboard you can set whether your model webpage is accessible by anyone with the link, or whether it is only visible if you send your users a private invitation.

You can also set the access mode, whether anyone can subscribe themselves to use your model, or whether you need to send a private invitation for them to be able to access the spreadsheet and functionality.

Edit model access permissions

With these combinations you can allow users to view the webpage but decide separately whether to give them access to the model functionality.


Send email invitations

From the model dashboard, click the Invite User button.

model dashboard invite user

You can choose whether you want this user to be able to use the model or to simply view the model page. If they can only view the page then they will be able to click to request access. If you want to invite them to use the model then you can choose an expiration date, or click the X button to remove the expiration date completely.

After customizing your message to them, click Send. 

model dashboard send invitation

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