How It Works

HiveLink lets you turn your Excel model into a live service. Keep your intellectual property safe on your machine and give your clients 24-7 access online. All without hiring a development team.

1. Configure your master spreadsheet

Use the HiveLink Expert add-in for Excel to designate user input tables and output result tables.

2. Design a lightweight user spreadsheet

Generate a user spreadsheet and remove your sensitive calculations and macros, leaving only the user interface you design.

3. Set up your landing page

Customize your page with information, screenshots and a company logo. Upload your lightweight spreadsheet so it’s available for your users.

4. Invite clients to use your model

Email invitations to your clients from a central dashboard. See all of your users and manage their permissions.

Clients have immediate access

Your clients go straight from your invitation to the model page you designed. They can sign up for a free account and download your lightweight spreadsheet with just a few clicks.

Users get results without installing anything

Users access your service without having to install any software. Their lightweight spreadsheet gets their results remotely using the embedded HiveLink add-in. Your users are always authenticated, so they can access a full history of their results.

See your model come to life

The HiveLink Data Inbox connects securely to our servers to receive your users’ input data, so you don’t need to reconfigure your network or worry about security. HiveLink drives Excel without mercy, running your users’ data through your master spreadsheet and delivering results automatically.

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Share your models, not your intellectual property

Choose exactly what your users see. HiveLink connects their inputs from the lightweight spreadsheet with your master spreadsheet, runs your calculations, then seamlessly delivers their output results.

Provide 24-7 access to your model

Easily set up a dedicated machine for your models in your home, office, or in the cloud. Your users can get results themselves while you work on something more important.

Simplify your user experience without sacrificing functionality

Keep your links, add-ins and data connections. Calculations run in your master spreadsheet, so all your users need is a dependency-free lightweight spreadsheet.

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Protect your intellectual property. Automate Excel. Provide a live service for your clients.
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