Customize your webpage

Each of your HiveLink models automatically gets its own unique web page where your users can learn about your model and download the model’s spreadsheet. This article shows you how to customize that page and share your user spreadsheet.


Example model webpage


Edit your HiveLink model page

Go to your model’s webpage.

You can access it by logging into your HiveLink account dashboard, opening your model and visiting the Public page link.

Model webpage dashboard link

Or you can get to your model page directly from the HiveLink Data Inbox by clicking the Model Webpage link in the model configuration window.

Data Inbox edit model webpage

Now from the model webpage, click Edit this page.

Edit model webpage

Note: Whenever you make changes to an aspect of your model webpage you must click Save before making changes to other sections.


Customize your model’s webpage URL

You can give your models a custom URL extension to give your page a more personal feel. Try using your name or your company name.

Customize your model URL

Share information about yourself

You can edit the name of your model, and you can also add some information about yourself or your company. Try adding your LinkedIn profile, or your companies webpage.

Customize your model title and your details

Describe your model

You can add a short description to help users get a quick summary of what your model does. You can also add a longer description which gets added below your screenshots for further details of your model. Click Save to update and view your changes.

Edit your model description

Add a logo and screenshots for your model

You can add a custom logo for your model. Click Browse to specify a file then click Save to update and view your changes.

Set a model webpage logo

You can add up to five screenshots in the same way:

Add model webpage screenshots


Change the way people discover and access your model

By default, your model webpage is not accessibly publicly. To change the way users discover and access your model webpage click the Manage users and permissions button from the model webpage.

Manage model users and permissions


From the model dashboard you can set whether your model webpage is accessible by anyone with the link, or whether it is only visible if you send your users a private invitation.

You can also set the access mode, whether anyone can subscribe themselves to use your model, or whether you need to send a private invitation for them to be able to access the spreadsheet and functionality.

Edit model access permissions

With these combinations you can allow users to view the webpage but decide separately whether to give them access to the model functionality.


Share your user spreadsheet with your users

Once users have access to your model webpage and are subscribed to use your model they need to be able to download your lightweight user spreadsheet. You can make it accessible to them from this webpage by uploading the user spreadsheet to website from the HiveLink Data Inbox.

Open the HiveLink Data Inbox, go to your Models, then select the latest revision of your model and click Edit.

From the model configuration window click Upload User Spreadsheet and select your user spreadsheet. After a short wait your user spreadsheet will be uploaded and your users will be able to access it when they visit your model webpage.

Data Inbox Upload user spreadsheet

Invite users Configure your own spreadsheet