Excel gives me the error “There was a problem sending the command to the program” when I try to open a workbook from Windows

You might start seeing this error if your HiveLink Data Inbox doesn’t shutdown properly. If for some reason this happens then you can fix it by going into Excel Options -> Advanced -> General, and unchecking the option “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)”. To avoid this error in the future you should close the HiveLink Data Inbox by right clicking on the icon in the system tray and then click Exit.


An error occurred when processing a job – how do I fix it?

  • Stop global processing and move the job to manual, or disable automation for the model
  • Once the job is in the manual work queue open the job manually in Excel
  • Run your macro or process your data
  • From the HiveLink Expert ribbon tab click Publish Results

If that works fine but it still fails when automating then you can try enabling Display Excel while auto-processing in the Data Inbox Settings. Next, automate the job, watch it run, and see if you can determine what is happening differently from when you processed it manually.


A popup is occurring that is stopping automation – how do I fix it?

Sometimes spreadsheets can have various dialogs that may popup throughout the time they are launched and used. Third-party add-ins and plugins may have their own messages or user interactive input windows; Excel may ask for user input; errors may occur etc… When the HiveLink Robot launches Excel it tries to inject the input data, run any macros, extract the output data, and then close Excel. If a popup occurs any time after Excel is launched that requires user input, such that Excel essentially waits for the user to take an action, then the HiveLink robot will simply wait until the dialog is dismissed. This can be problematic during automation, and for this reason it is important to test your items by running them manually to ensure no popups occur.

You are able to set a timeout period, after which the HiveLink Robot will kill the execution of your automated processing session in Excel, and try to process the item again, up to a maximum of three attempts in total. We provide more details on this in the next step.

Common popups are:

  • Missing library/add-in on workbook launch
  • Code compile error in a macro
  • Message box popups
  • Excel asking user to set a default printer, or other trivial annoyances
  • Un-handled run-time error in a macro
  • External add-in dialogs/popups
  • Links need to be updated after changing file path



Seeing an unexpected error from HiveLink? Send us your log file

If you are seeing an error that doesn’t give much information and you can’t figure out how to fix it, you can email us to get help. It would be helpful if you attach your log file to the email. You can find the log files in the following directory:


This may not seem like a real directory, but it is a valid windows location that changes according to your network and language settings.

Appdata location of HiveLink log files

Problems with the user spreadsheet? Send us the client.log

Problems with the expert plugin? Send us the expert.log

Problems with the Data Inbox? Send us the robot.log

HiveLink logs file location

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