Turn your Excel model into a live service

Keep your formulas and macros safe in your master spreadsheet.
Design a lightweight copy of your spreadsheet for clients.
Sit back while HiveLink calculates for your clients on-demand.
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Don’t expose your intellectual property to anyone!

Your intellectual property is your competitive advantage, so don’t let it fall into the wrong hands. Excel passwords can be cracked in less than five minutes, so they can’t protect your sensitive formulas and macros. Create a lightweight copy of your spreadsheet for clients by removing sensitive calculations, and let HiveLink run them safely in your master spreadsheet on your machine.

Build your models in Excel. Leave the rest to us.

You build models in Excel for a reason. Don’t switch to a new technology and lose functionality simply to connect with your clients. Stay in Excel with HiveLink and keep your macros and third-party add-ins. We provide infrastructure around Excel to connect globally with your clients and deliver your calculations on-demand.

Unlock your spreadsheet’s global potential

Everyone uses Excel differently. Whether you’re in an engineering consultancy or a financial advisory firm, providing insurance services, or prototyping a startup idea – your model provides unique value in your field. Whatever your model does, tap into new business opportunities by connecting it with people. Turn your model into a live service using HiveLink, without the time, expense and risk of hiring a development team.

Stop being everyone’s tech support

Spreadsheets accumulate errors easily as they pass from person to person, and it’s not fun if you have to play tech support. With HiveLink you can be confident your clients are using your latest version, and they can’t introduce errors because the calculations run on your machine. If you find a problem in your model you only need to fix it in one place.

All your models, all your users, all in one place

Stay 100% in control of access to your models. Invite new clients, edit permissions, and revoke access, all from a central dashboard. See all of your models in one place and keep an audit history of who’s using them.

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